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SSPARKL eReader and Learning Management System

SSPARKL eReader is a high-performance, portable, and multi-platform application developed by diacriTech that allows users to read and manage eBooks effectively. It has a simple and intuitive user interface with access to many smart functions, options, and controls that provide the user enhanced reading experience. It provides a complete multimedia experience by supporting interactive features for eBooks such as video streaming, audio narration, and animations. It works in two modes; Library and Reading mode which are basically viewing formats.

Library Mode features

  • Displays an overview of the eBooks in the user’s collection.
  • Browse and purchase commercial eBook titles by accessing online store.
  • Books can be downloaded to be read offline.
  • Manage books in easy to use virtual "Bookshelves".
  • Synchronize furthest page read, bookmarks and highlights across devices.

Reading Mode features

  • Displays a single eBook's content in a single page view.
  • Highlight or underline key words and phrases easily with annotation support.
  • Use page navigator controls to navigate through the eBook.
  • Seamlessly search and navigate within text, TOC, annotations, highlights.
  • Adjust the size of text to make reading easier by using selective zoom option.
  • Access Table of Contents.
  • View /edit Lesson Plan.
  • Convert text to speech.
  • Include various media resources type.
  • Use widgets (Calculator, Convertor , Stop Watch, Drawing tools, etc.).
  • Attend Quiz /Assessments associated with the integrated Learning Platform.

The main features of the LMS are listed below.

  • A single unified approach that allows mapping of colleges and schools to Universities and Institutions to manage the entire education system.
  • Supports multi-languages enabling roll out of LMS in multiple regions.
  • Allows to add and manage users and reading groups.
  • Define user entitlements and permissions.
  • Publishers can upload and manage eBooks and courses.
  • Teachers can build a digital curriculum by creating lessons right from the scratch or upload previously built curriculum (based on lesson plans).
  • Question Banks can be created and categorized based on complexity levels,Blooms Taxonomy etc.
  • Learning assessments can be created either from Question Banks or manually.
  • Provides ability to build and assign tests on any course to individuals or selected groups or entire class.
  • Built-in assessment tracking for learners to view their progress.
  • Ability to run reports and view analytics to monitor overall progress levels in LMS through effective performance dashboards.